I have communicated with Dr. Boyle in the past. I sent a request to several of my TN legislators to help in setting up a meeting between Dr. Boyle and our Tennessee Attorney General. I await the outcome and will assist in getting Dr. Boyle in touch with any of the legislators in arranging a meeting/ZOOM with the TN AG.

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David Martin has several court cases already in progress for this same thing.

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Wow...Hopefully, the bioengineering linked with Geoengineering will be exposed soon too!

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Mar 16Liked by Margaret Menge

Can’t wait to see all of these criminals get their just punishment. It cannot happen soon enough for me!!!!!!! Thanks for your reporting and perseverance, Margaret. I enjoy reading your articles.

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That never ever isolated "virus" is just the CAMOUFLAGE - for the concealed BIO-WEAPON - built for the DEPOPULATION-agenda of KILL BILL Gates and other Psychopaths.

And WUHAN was a great place to CAMOUFLAGE the American origin of that BIO-WEAPON from Prof. Ralph Baric’s lab at the University of North Carolina.

What had been written on the "Georgia Guide Stones" for more than 40 years - was a satanic PLAN to reduce the world population down to a mere 500 Million - which had never been questioned.

So this PLAN-demic is nothing to believe or to speculate - it looks like the biggest CRIME ever - and we should gather PROOF, PROOF & PROOF, so the CRIMINALS camouflaging & lying will be judged.

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The gof is a ruse in which to govern us with. Please check out Gigaohm Biological with Dr. Paul Alexander on bitchute or use the link below.


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Mar 15·edited Mar 15

I don't believe there was ever a virus, and I don't believe Gain of Function can be achieved. GoF is talked about everywhere, but never successful, not in the lab and not in nature. (Incidentally, Sasha Latypova explains this well, just look at archives of her pieces). This virus, like all supposed viruses, has never been isolated from human tissue or bodily fluid.

So what's going on then? Well, not unlike like fake climate change, the government always selects a lie that scares people but at the same time is hard for them (the lay person) to know it's a lie. See how it works?

This was a coordinated plandemic of fear!!! What ACTUALLY killed people, initially was government incentivised medical mal-practice, which had treatable flu cases be intentionally ignored to fester and worsen and get people on ventilators for $39k a pop, plus a 20% fee on every related doctor visit and procedure. And $13k per so-called COVID diagnosis using the PCR test fraudulently, which it's Nobel Prize winning inventor, Kary Mullis, always said was/is not a diagnostic test, and fought with Fauci about similarly using it decades ago during the so-called AIDS epidemic. And now, what's killing people is the bioweapon shot taking hold.

I'm so sick of this Wuhan leak b/s and GoF distraction.

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Mar 15Liked by Margaret Menge

Boyle, rather than Baric in the last sentence or no? "If you can help connect [Boyle] with your Attorney General, or with a district attorney or county prosecutor, contact him at fboyle@illinois.edu."

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Any knowledge of Mr. Rokita's position on this?

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Jon Rappoport recently came out and declared the idea of “gain of function” (or “gain of fiction” as some critics have called it) is a dead end in terms of holding Fauci and the rest of the mainstream Covid narrative criminals accountable for their crimes.

I agree. The problem with the idea of “gain of function” which some have defined as “capturing viruses and making them more deadly, more transmissible, transmissible to humans” is that viruses are a ruse.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe viruses are pathogenic in nature or capable of being created in a laboratory by nefarious actors to harm others because the IDEA of the “virus” is the ruse that has conned the general public into believing they need “protection” from an invisible monster “certified” by public health authorities.

Once you accept the idea that viruses are pathogenic in nature, you naturally will become beholden to the mainstream medical authorities who claim they have found the “cure” in the form of the mRNA vaccine.

By believing in “gain of function,” you are playing by the rules set down by the mainstream medical and scientific community. You ACCEPT the idea that these “viruses” are the cause of widespread illness which the powers that be have labeled (a laughable) “pandemic.”

Gain of Function implies that bad actors such as Fauci have a lot more smarts than they should be given credit for.

At the root, the belief in viruses as pathogenic agents is simply modern day idolatry. Fauci and his ilk are religious fanatics who have come to believe they are on a crusade to save humanity—not develop a weapon to kill people.

Hence, I would argue they are more DANGEROUS than a small number of Machiavellian actors who are quite aware that the jabs are deadly and are causing widespread injury and death (most likely some of the heads and players at pharmaceutical companies).

The propaganda campaign to convince people that they must be “protected” by subjecting themselves to vaccination goes way back to the 1950’s when the “scientists” conned everyone into believing that polio was caused by a deadly “virus.”

When FDR came down with polio back in 1921, all serious cases of “polio” were labeled on the basis of the observation of the most serious symptom: paralysis.

In 1960, the WHO reclassified polio as being a specific disease caused by a specific virus. You needed to have two stool samples with “poliovirus” in them.

Even though the symptoms of paralysis were virtually the same, those without poliovirus in their system were now reclassified with acute flaccid paralysis.

The same game is being played with Covid. The symptoms are basically identical with any other respiratory illness depending on the severity. But the “experts” insist the “symptoms” are different just as paralytic polio was speciously distinguished from the myriad of other similar-looking paralytic cases.

The idea that there is a single virus causing a specific disease ascribes anthropomorphic qualities to sub-microscopic particles. People need to believe in a simplistic “one trick pony” explanation for their illness instead of accepting the idea there can be many factors contributing to infirmity.

Once you are driven by fear you will have no choice but to follow those who claim they will save you. Hence, taking the “cure” may be the beginning of the collapse of your immune system.

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If this weren’t so tragic it would be hilarious. Yes, this extraordinarily dangerous lab produced bioweapon virus is exactly as lethal as a typical seasonal flu. As a matter of fact, it was the seasonal flu with the most powerful marketing plan the world has ever seen. This is just a diversion from the real bioweapon, the truly lethal DNA altering “vaccines," which were appropriately contracted for by the Department of Defense and referred to in the purchase contracts as “countermeasures,” never as vaccines or even genetic therapeutics. The conservatives mock the WOKE as sheeple (which of course they are), and then fall into this limited hangout with great gusto, hook, line, and sinker Pathetic.

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Wow, this would be incredible if these criminals were finally held accountable

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I really hope it happens these monsters need to pay for there crimes against humanity. They should be made to take the shot themselves in front of everyone. No fake cards or saline shots for them

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I wish with all my wishes that this causes consequences and repercussions to ripple out as broad and wide as their chimeric virus.

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