I disagree with BJ, yes Obama was full of BS but he never really promised anything in his speeches. Obama just spoke sayings and promised hope. Destantis stood his ground and has done wonders in Florida, give the man a chance and yes I do agree RFK Jr would be the best Democrat to run because there bench is horrible but he would face much resistance from the establishment and liberal wing.

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I say this with all due respect as I mean no malice nor disrespect regarding your opinion and or post. In my personal opinion, Ron DeSantis is another Obama - totally full of shit - hitting all the right notes to get elected. Been there done that certainly know the outcome. The man is bought and paid for.

The only one anyone should be paying any attention to is RFK Jr who was recently asked is he was going to run and responded he cleared the first hurdle with his wife's approval.

This is a man that has fame and fortune and certainly name recognition. We certainly don't have to worry about him being against these lethal injections before he was for them! He's been an advocate since day one regarding all vaccines and there safety!!!

He has already said the only way to fix the system is to the system is to abolish all the alphabet agencies which he can clearly do and replace with people of integrity.

The man is infinitely knowledgeable as there also isn't anyone he doesn't. know. Unlike DeSantis he has nothing to prove nor gain and he can't be bought!

I don't vote I never did nor will - I refuse to support and enable the corruption malfeasance and subterfuge. However if RFK Jr were to run I would fully support him in every conceivable way imaginable. He is the only person that is capable of saving this Country and perhaps the world when you consider these ramifications from these injections.

I truly believe he'll pull it off - because, it will be at the very height of massive deaths and injuries and everyone will be seeking a savior. Focusing any attention on Ron DeSantis is taking away critical attention for Robert Kennedy Jr!

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