Nobody is testing for dioxin. And I wouldn't trust their results if they were. Like Norfolk Southern wants results showing high levels of dioxin. You can bet they will get results that show everything is "safe". Just like the EPA has been spouting for the past month. And the CDC for the past three years.

What a bunch of corrupt criminals.

Mike Adams is buying equipment to test for dioxins but it will be 90 days before his lab is up and running with it since they need to be trained on the equipment. He said it will cost him millions to get the capability and pass all the requirements but he knows we cannot trust the "officials".

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Unbelievable. Our government consists of the biggest bunch of boobs ever in the history of this country. It's like they're trying to create environmental catastrophes.

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Thank you for reporting this.

Thanks to Becky Cash for standing up for We the People!

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