Not likely that considering the virus as a bioweapon will get much traction. Opens up too many doors that many want to remain closed.

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"said it appeared that the BSL-4 lab in Wuhan, China, produced the virus"

The only problem with this is the virus was developed in both BSL-2 and BSL-3 labs.

The BSL-4 lab wasn't operational until 2020.

So if he wasn't aware of that, what else was he not aware of?

Richard Ebright thinks BSL-3, I personally think BSL-2. I received direct comment from Ebright and he narrows it to three labs, two American, one Chinese:


I compiled an extensive (and no doubt incomplete) timeline:


The American labs outsourced their chimeric viral research to China based on all the details I could find.

Zhengli Shi invites Ralph Baric to China, and Ralph Baric received funding from EcoHealth Alliance on his 2014 humanised mice ACE-2 chimeric viral research paper, which also gave funding to Zhengli Shi.

The details Redfield omits - especially during his 'vaccine hesitancy' circlejerk with a senator - is the outbreak came from a vaccine manufacturer. One of the senators mentions numerous lab outbreaks, SARS, Foot and Mouth, Bird Flu... but omits the part they all relate to vaccine research.

I detail the vaccine manufacturers involvement extensively, including prime examples of them "accidentally" releasing a virus and then selling the solution for it:


(Let us also not forget Pfizer admitted to mutating virus, which the goldfish memory public immediately forgot as soon as Biden released a couple of balloons)


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Margaret - you are hitting it out of the park with your coverage of COVID hearings, Indiana schools pushing COVID shots and dioxins coming to Indiana. May God continue to bless you in your efforts to expose the truth. Thank you.

Holcomb released a statement saying dioxin levels were safe. Congressman Baird (CD4, including Putnam Co) rushed to share the Governor’s good news about “nothing to see or worry about”, as did his son State Rep Beau Baird. The Bairds’ homes are in Putnam county. They probably see these toxins as an economic windfall for the Putnam county business which is taking the poison.

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Jon Rappoport recently came out and declared the idea of “gain of function” (or “gain of fiction” as some critics have called it) is a dead end in terms of holding Fauci and the rest of the mainstream Covid narrative criminals accountable for their crimes.

I agree. The problem with the idea of “gain of function” which some have defined as “capturing viruses and making them more deadly, more transmissible, transmissible to humans” is that viruses are a ruse.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe viruses are pathogenic in nature or capable of being created in a laboratory by nefarious actors to harm others because the IDEA of the “virus” is the ruse that has conned the general public into believing they need “protection” from an invisible monster “certified” by public health authorities.

Once you accept the idea that viruses are pathogenic in nature, you naturally will become beholden to the mainstream medical authorities who claim they have found the “cure” in the form of the mRNA vaccine.

By believing in “gain of function,” you are playing by the rules set down by the mainstream medical and scientific community. You ACCEPT the idea that these “viruses” are the cause of widespread illness which the powers that be have labeled (a laughable) “pandemic.”

Gain of Function implies that bad actors such as Fauci have a lot more smarts than they should be given credit for.

At the root, the belief in viruses as pathogenic agents is simply modern day idolatry. Fauci and his ilk are religious fanatics who have come to believe they are on a crusade to save humanity—not develop a weapon to kill people.

Hence, I would argue they are more DANGEROUS than a small number of Machiavellian actors who are quite aware that the jabs are deadly and are causing widespread injury and death (most likely some of the heads and players at pharmaceutical companies).

The propaganda campaign to convince people that they must be “protected” by subjecting themselves to vaccination goes way back to the 1950’s when the “scientists” conned everyone into believing that polio was caused by a deadly “virus.”

When FDR came down with polio back in 1921, all serious cases of “polio” were labeled on the basis of the observation of the most serious symptom: paralysis.

In 1960, the WHO reclassified polio as being a specific disease caused by a specific virus. You needed to have two stool samples with “poliovirus” in them.

Even though the symptoms of paralysis were virtually the same, those without poliovirus in their system were now reclassified with acute flaccid paralysis.

The same game is being played with Covid. The symptoms are basically identical with any other respiratory illness depending on the severity. But the “experts” insist the “symptoms” are different just as paralytic polio was speciously distinguished from the myriad of other similar-looking paralytic cases.

The idea that there is a single virus causing a specific disease ascribes anthropomorphic qualities to sub-microscopic particles. People need to believe in a simplistic “one trick pony” explanation for their illness instead of accepting the idea there can be many factors contributing to infirmity.

Once you are driven by fear you will have no choice but to follow those who claim they will save you. Hence, taking the “cure” may be the beginning of the collapse of your immune system.

Relevant music:

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Yes, I think we've arrived at the China Bad portion of the narrative. I agree that a deliberate release (or releases), rather than a leak, is a possible origin. Whether SARS2 was developed as a bioweapon or was part of a "vaccine" program to respond to a natural virus or a bioweapon is unknown. It may never be known. Whatever it is...however it made its way into human beings...it was made with US tax payer dollars (in Wuhan or elsewhere).

Clearly, there's evidence of Chinese culpability. All three actions taken by the WIV in September 2019 that Redfield described in his testimony strongly suggest the Chinese government thought the lab was the source of the outbreak. Their refusal to allow a real investigation is another tell.

WRT predictive programming, there have been several so-called pandemic response tabletop exercises over the past two decades, and portions of the SARS2 virus were patented long before 2019. Some have suggested the US had a cooperative agreement with WIV, so they could spy on the CCP bioweapons program under the guise of "biological research".

We are definitely not the good guys, but we aren't the only bad guys.

I'm not sure what role Trump played in this nightmare. He signed the emergency declaration. He removed all safeguards put in place to protect us from Pharma. He promoted and still promotes the jabs, which are neither safe nor effective. I used to think he was played. Now, I'm not sure. I am certain, though, that this plandemic was years in planning, long before Trump, and it is much bigger than the United States. We are but a player in some other entity's dark plan.

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Of course. They are not interested in the truth. Just another dog and pony show. Fauci will get a smack on the peepee and sent back to his plush lifestyle that US tax payer paid for.

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