Caught the tail end of your testimony. Thank you.

Liked how Senator Charbonneau called down Senator Leising.

“My personal beliefs about vaccines are irrelevant to the facts that our state public health department badly failed the biggest public health event of the last hundred years, yet they want more money and more control.”

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This should be a big NO VOTE.

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Jan 31, 2023Liked by Margaret Menge

Thank you Margaret- once again! I only wish that there had been an anticipated, last minute "call to action rally" at the statehouse on Wed, covered by the media, to protest and draw attention to this issue. We have 2 groups in IN, that I know of, that could have pulled their people together for this purpose. The Indiana Midwifery Taskforce, successfully used this tactic, after several years of last minute statehouse rallies, to pass a Certified Professional Midwife law in IN, which allows certified midwives to assist families choosing home birth. Lets all keep fighting the good fight for medical freedom, in any way we can.

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Which are the two groups?

I’m aware of H4ML, which is all volunteer run, I believe, and if I had to guess, they will be testifying. Their call to action came out via text around dinner today.

The other group is (was?) Stand for Health Freedom, although they have not been nearly as active as during the 2022 session. Not sure what has happened w them, and I hope they’re doing okay.

Agree we need a better unifying voice for med freedom in Indiana.

However, did you hear that SB 47, the subject of another recent post by Margaret, was taken off the agenda?! Yay for We The People, although we have to stay vigilant about them putting it back in someplace. 😫😫😫. But, for now, WE WON! By God’s help, we won!

So, take heart, and MAKE THOSE PHONE CALLS TO THE SENATE COMMITTEE MEMBERS! And, since it sounds like you like showing up to rallies, show up to the committee hearing on Wednesday, even if you don’t testify, to show support for those who are. 😀

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Hi Margaret:

I just wrote David Knight (http://TheDavidKnightShow.Com) about this (below).

I recommend following up and emailing, DavidKnightShow@protonmail.com, and tell him @NYCeyes suggested it. He's super nice and all about interposing at the local-level.

Hello David:

This is a big problem, and IMHO deserves attention.

Medical tyranny continues its relentless march into our sovereign states and lives:


Margaret Menge has been doing fantastic work at the state level, regularly calling on Idahoans to show up and be heard, but they don't seem to be responding.

Pretty soon (very soon) we're going to end up with essentially Universal Healthcare, which we don't want, including its death panels.

Perhaps you might help draw attention to this?

Thank you.

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That's great. Thanks for doing that. I'll send David an email.

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