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Does anyone here truly believe it’s a lab leak? It is obvious it was planned and intentionally released. The theater continues. This seems to be a long, drawn out spectacle that will end up in the lap of the US government and taxpayers.

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Praying that the Citizens Wake Up sooner than later so that lives can be saved not destroyed! The Death Jabs were and are the purposeful depopulation plan. Do NOT comply! Hindsight allows us to clearly see who the DEMONS are...we need & must have ACCOUNTABLILITY for these Crimes Against Humanity! It is EVIL versus Team Humanity!

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This is the only thing congress needs to watch, read, comprehend.... heck, Moderna created 100,000 “vaxxines in 2019 well before the plandemic began.


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Covid does not exist. It is not the cause of illness. There was no pandemic. Jon Rappoport explains it succinctly.

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People STILL don’t get it; a different COVID origin story; straight outta Wuhan

Jon Rappoport

11 hr ago

I put all this together, nearly three years ago. I published the story several times, in several different versions.

But most people didn’t get it (and still don’t), because they’re fixated on the virus.

The origin story of COVID involves pollution, protests, and pneumonia.

In the year leading up to the announcement of a pandemic, protests were breaking out in Chinese cities, including Wuhan.

People were risking their futures, their freedom, their lives, protesting against air pollution, because it was making them sick.

People don’t take that level of risk in China, unless the problem is serious. Very serious.

People wouldn’t risk being carted away to prison, and maybe never coming home, if they were facing Los Angeles level smog. No, the air pollution in Chinese cities was much worse.

What do you get when you walk around in that soup? Lung congestion. Fever, fatigue, major shortness of breath. Pneumonia. Year in, year out, roughly 300,000 people in China die from pneumonia.

What was announced as THE symptom in the first cases of so-called COVID in Wuhan? Pneumonia.

If, in certain respects, the pneumonia in those cases looked atypical on X-rays, in the first month of 2020, there was a good reason:

The air pollution was atypical. It was an unprecedented mix of early industrial age and modern industrial age compounds—because that is the mixed picture of Chinese civilization and its factories.

No one has ever studied the synergistic effects, on the lungs, of the “old and new” polluting compounds in the air of Chinese cities.

Pollution, protests, pneumonia.

Equals what? A new outbreak of a viral disease? That’s about as sensible as saying ongoing car crashes on icy highways are the result of new paint jobs on the cars.

Wuhan is known for something deadly besides air pollution. Ask the DEA, they’ll tell you. Wuhan is Global Central for exporting the precursor chemicals for making the deadly drug FENTANYL.

One major route: Wuhan, Mexican cartel labs, US southern border, the entire US.

This gives rise to speculation about cover stories, distractions, diversions—calling Wuhan the origin of COVID obscures the city as the source of chemical warfare (fentanyl) against the West.

The admirable independent investigator, Jim West, has shown that early clusters of “COVID” cases were reported in several centers of deadly air pollution: Chinese cities, North Italy, Spain, for example.

Pollution. Lung infections. Pneumonia. The deceptive label, “COVID.”

The inferences aren’t big leaps. They aren’t leaps at all.

The method for diagnosing COVID is the PCR test. Much can be said about this deceptive test. And I have. Here I’ll simply point out that the NY Times ran a shocking article during year one of the “pandemic”—pointing out that up to 90% of all tests positive for COVID could have yielded FALSE results. Could have been WRONG.

Why? Because labs were adjusting the sensitivity of the PCR far too high; it was catching and registering meaningless fragments.

Take all that one step further. Did researchers ever discover and isolate the “COVID virus” in the first place? My answer, which I’ve explained in detail many times, is no. But I don’t need to invoke that proof to demonstrate what I’ve shown above, in this piece.

Chills, fever, fatigue, lung infection, pneumonia, plus a completely unreliable PCR test result—and they call it a COVID case.

No symptoms of any kind plus a positive PCR—and they call that COVID, too.

For more than a hundred years, people have known industrial air pollution causes lung problems.

And in 2020, that obvious fact was the real origin story of COVID in Wuhan.

-- Jon Rappoport

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